New kind of spam-comments

Submitted by boaz on Monday, April 23, 2012.

I noticed the following kind of messages starting to appear in this blog: 
Its comments that their content appears to be either semi-logical text or quite-logical text. Meaning, the content somehow relate to the post their commenting on yet usually don't fully make sense as a paragraph on its own, even when taking into account non-native English commentators. 
Also, they started appearing today in relatively high numbers (meaning several today, so far, which is rather a lot for this blog's modest traffic).
I could have remained puzzled but there's one common denominator to them all that is the important evidence IMHO and its the fact that the comments authors (which changes of course) feeds in the "url" field his Facebook profile URL. With "nofollow" implemented on links, this is probably useless but still nagging.

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